Passion & Safety Nets

I had the grace the other day as I slowed down, to recognize my mind creating a safety net, and it blew me away when I caught it creating one….a back up plan in case the one I am choosing right now does not work out.  Wow, how long has this been going on?  My whole life!  I feel it started at 3, when I first remember feeling fear.   Well guess what, that creates many mixed signals for the universe.  And of course my life has been amazing, my back up plans were not so bad….but they are not what i truly would like to manifest in all areas of my life.  As I look back (just for a second 🙂 ), the intentions that truly manifested were the ones where I was ALL IN!  I didn’t have a back up plan, I loved the vision so much, there was no fear, and I moved forward without any hesitation or thoughts of “what if this doesn’t work out.”

KayOss Designs is one of those great intentions.  I was an environmental engineer and not finding my way or feeling passionate about my work and how I was contributing my time and energy to this world.  I wanted to do something i loved, I felt good about….  So I searched my feelings to see what inspired me, and it was Art.  i loved going to Art openings.  So I started taking every kind of Art class there was….and I was terrible!  Then one day I went to Florence, Italy and took a fashion design course, the very first day we felt fabric, which I thought was going to be so boring…  Then It was like lightning struck, I am a fashion designer, people can wear my Art!  At that moment I felt successful.  I was all in!  I had no idea how I was going to do it, I just moved forward with no doubt, magic!

This is the only way to truly manifest your vision, your dreams, with no fear.  ZERO!  It’s all love, in everything you do and want to create in all areas of your life.  There still may be fear that comes up from the unknown, take a deep breath and turn that anxiety into excitement!  Trust yourself, clear out any old programmed “stuff” from the past…catch and realize the  thoughts with old attached stored emotion, suffering trapped in time, you can change if you want to truly create something new in this world with no judgments, without a back up plan, with no ideas about gain or loss, unconditional, just because you love it, and know that you will always be ok, the universe is always on your side, go ahead, see what happens!

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