The Evolution of KayOss to KlarIty

KlarIty (formerly KayOss) is all about a girl finding her way in this world through love. It started with the desire to feel my own heart and connect with those around me in a loving creative way through her work. "We are meant to be creative beings, and when we are creating what we want for the world and engaged with others, we feel an amazing connection, that to me defines success.”

This intention created a beautiful product line loved by many for it’s versatility, fabulous feel and consistent attention. Both women and men can feel the vibration of the clothing, the colors, the movement, the femininity, it all matters. 

The intention of the name KayOss came from studying engineering and learning about the chaos theory. So KayOss was the beginning of my journey to find the order within. The concept became “If you do what you love and follow your heart, you will find your calm within the chaos”.

Each garment is carefully designed to enhance the beautiful feminine features of a woman’s body and bring out her inner Goddess. As this line evolves it is more and more aligned with natural fibers, and is super environmentally conscious of maintaining a small carbon footprint. 

All garments are made by local seamstresses in their homes that love to sew. There is so much love and care that goes into them starting from hand selecting the fabrics, the great attention to design, movement and structure on the female body, then patterned and graded and finally sewn to perfection. Since each individual piece is hand made, it can be made to fit upon request.

Inspiration for this clothing line comes from within, while being in nature and culture through my extensive love for travel and expansion.

The line has now evolved into creating KlarIty moving forward. The intention is to go beyond the order and be the creator of your destiny while allowing to receive. Super excited to see how this will expand and grow. The new concept is to create in the highest vibration known and be the "beacon of the light” choosing bliss!