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Aspen Tv - KayOss to Calm.....Creating Clarity

I would like to share with you my interview in Aspen Colorado on GrassRoot TV show "Aspen Talks Health" with Dr. Nicola Siso.  We discuss supporting your body, mind and spirit to create balance within leading to more clarity😍   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEbEQMZydsI.

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Passion & Safety Nets

I had the grace the other day as I slowed down, to recognize my mind creating a safety net, and it blew me away when I caught it creating one….a back up plan in case the one I am choosing right now does not work out.  Wow, how long has this been going on?  My whole life!  I feel it started at 3, when I first remember feeling fear.   Well guess what, that creates many mixed signals for the universe.  And of course my life has been amazing, my back up plans were not so bad….but they are not what i truly would like to manifest in all areas of my life.  As I look back (just for a second 🙂 ), the...

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